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Mico  Talent Agency

Developing Talented Livecasters on

Welcome to our Mico Talent Agency. Our main goal is to promote and train new talented users on the Mico live streaming app. We teach you how to grow your fan base, showcase your talents, generate income and work from home all on Mico through one on one training and support. We’re thrilled you’ve decided to visit us - please browse our site to discover what we’re all about.

Mico Talent Agency


Q-What is Mico?

A-Mico (https:// is one of the top broadcasting apps where users are able to meet stars, become stars, grow a fan base, meet friends, date, play games, and send virtual gifts in order to catch broadcaster's attention. Getting noticed is a driving factor behind this app.

Q-What are the startup costs?

A-None, although you may eventually want to invest in mounts, lighting, etc. All you need to begin is a good quality streaming camera (can be phone or tablet) and a steady internet connection.

Q-Do I have to pay you?

A-Not at all! My services come at no charge to you.

Q-Do I need experience?

A-No. Although we are always happy to recruit from other broadcasting apps, your contract will come with training.

Q-What schedule would I work?

A-Thats up to you! The requirements are 15 days, 30 hours a month, but when you stream is up to you!

Q-How do I get paid?

A-Your viewers can drop gifts ranging from a penny to over $1000. These gifts are turned into diamonds, and those diamonds can be cashed out.

Q-What kind of pay can I expect?

A-That depends on how dedicated you are, there is no limit to your pay. Your bonus will be based on how many diamonds you collect monthly. 286 diamonds = $1. There are also multiple ways to earn bonus pay on top, just ask!

Q-What are the benefits of signing with Honey Nation?

A-We are a drama free, dedicated, supportive agency dedicated to our craft. With over 100 members, there is always someone to help you do well. Our leader has deals on coins, which makes reaching goals easier too.

Q-Can I sign up?

A-Yes! Please send ID 82230161 a message regarding a contract if desired. She can currently sign users all over the world! Or you can signup directly from the featured board by going to the banners section and selecting the "Mico Registration Form" banner. Enter your info and 3429 as your agency code.

Q-How do I buy coins for the best price?

A-You can check out our prices under the Buy Coins tab. I accept Zelle, Cashapp, Payoneer, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Debit and Credit cards. Please note a fee may apply based on your payment choice (with card only).

Get in Touch

We are committed to exceeding your needs. Questions, comments or ready to sign up? We’d love to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to reach out today.

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